Samoa will host the 5th World Apostolic Congress on mercy (WACOM). Updates here.


Talofa lava and Welcome to Samoa for WACOM 5 2020 : Divine Mercy

Logo & Theme

The Logo


Jesus stands from behind the globe reflects the Unfathomable Divine & Merciful Love of God that Envelops the Whole World. It signifies the God of Creation and His Merciful Love for HIS CREATURES covering them with "HIS DIVINITY, and HUMANITY" the Blood & Water that flows from HIS MOST SACRED HEART, the Source of HIS Merciful Love.

The Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is considered the Largest and Deepest Ocean in the World reflects the Deepest Unfathomable "Forgiving Love of God for sinful Mankind ", brings about the truth that "DIVINE MERCY IS THE HOPE OF MANKIND TO RETURN TO THE FATHER, and the "greatest force that combats the evil that is in the world today."

The 5th WACOM

The figure "5" reflects the 5 REGIONS OF THE CHURCH THROUGHOUT THE WORLD. The 5 Stars is significant of the 5 WOUNDS of the Lord & God of Mercy, the FLAG of the Independent State of Samoa the Host Country,the SOUTHERN CROSS twinkling from the Southern Hemisphere identifying the most dispersed Island/Countries of "Oceania Region" who gather to light the FIRE OF MERCY (in this most remote corner of the earth) reverberating  the honour & courtesy back to the homeland of the 1st Missionaries that brought the "GOOD NEWS" to the "OCEANIA REGION and the shores of "SAMOA" , the HOME of the "Host County".

The "RIM" that encircles the Globe

The design is typical of a Samoan "Tatoo" worn on the body of a Samoan "Warrior" and /or "Taupou" (Virgin),son or Daughter of a High Chief. The "Warrior" & or "Taupou" plays a marked role in serving the High Chief and the people of the villiage to bring about peace and harmony. It reflects on us the "Warriors" and "Taupous" the sons and daughters of the PARAMOUNT CHIEF, "GOD", 'through our Baptism ', that we "SERVE & EVANGELIZE" with the Merciful Love of God to a Hurting World and Sinful Mankind extending "Peace & Hope" Leading everyone back to the Father of Love and Mercy.

5th World Apostolic Congress on mercy 2020 Samoa

Map of Samoa